How does an Air Fryer Work?

amanda cooper Amanda Cooper
11th April 2019

Air fryers are appearing in more kitchens than ever in 2019, but how does an air fryer actually work?

What’s the magic behind the oil free frying that’s taking the culinary world by storm?

Well let’s find out! You’re about to learn everything you need to know about the inner workings of air fryers.

What are air fryers and how do they work?

Air fryers are kitchen appliances which fry foods using very, very hot air. Neat, right?

The air fryer circulates hot air through the basket where the food is placed, cooking the food evenly. Air bounces off of the sides and bottom of the fryer and then rises up, cooking the food.

The hot air is able to cook the food evenly on all sides and creates a Maillard Reaction.

The Maillard Reaction

The Maillard reaction is a chemical reaction which occurs between amino acids and reducing sugars. This reaction transforms your food by heat, thus, creating new flavors, smells, and color.

This Maillard reaction is essentially what gives it the “fried” look and taste. It crisps the food on the outside and cooks the food at a faster pace.

What’s the result? Well, at the end of the day, you get fried food without the high levels of trans fats and cholesterol. Basically a win-win, don’t you think?

What makes air fryers different from deep fryers?

Though air fryers and deep fryers can cook some of the same foods, the way they achieve the results differ greatly.

Deep fryers, unlike air fryers, work based on submerging food right in hot oil.

Since the food is submerged into hot oil, it’s able to deep fry foods in short periods of time which is what people like about it. It makes a quick meal.

The hot oil in the deep fryer acts like a conductor of heat as the food is submerged into the deep fryer from all sides. This is why it takes only minutes to cook with a deep fryer as it’s being evenly coated in hot oil.

Now, deep-fried food is also caused by a Maillard effect, however, the crispiness is caused by the removal of water from the outer layers of the food.

By removing the water, oil is able to be absorbed into the food which is what gives fried food its juicy and crispy texture and flavor.

Why you should consider an air fryer

They’re reliable and versatile

You want a kitchen appliance that’s going to last you a solid couple of years.

Air fryers may be new on the market, however, they’ve proven to be highly reliable and dependable. Yes, they’re not as inexpensive as deep fryers, however, they’ll be able to last.

In addition, you’re not only limited to deep frying.

With air fryers, you’re able to roast, grill and bake your food. This gives you plenty of cooking options and isn’t some device that you need to dust off once a year when you want some fried chicken.

This is why I believe an air fryer is better value that a conventional fryer. You’re not just getting a fryer, instead. you’re getting a multiple-purpose kitchen appliance.

They’re technologically advanced

Deep fryers are aged technology.

Even though they create tasty fried foods, this cooking technique is highly dated considering where we are with technology today.

The air fryer was designed to bring the deep fryer into th 21st centry and be a less oil reliant option of fried food.